2023 Guide on Buying 14K Gold Chain Wholesale Jewelry

Some people will never go out without a simple touch of jewelry to enhance their beauty. That is what jewelry is for—it gives people their desired look. If you own a clothing boutique, people will love it when you include jewelry in your product supplies.

Remember, customers prefer just buying their products from one place because there isn’t the hassle of looking for another shop. Having a boutique and a jewelry shop improves your overall sales.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Gold Chains

People think it’s easy to get gold chains or pendants, but it’s not easy to find 14k jewelry supplies. You can watch videos to find out about wholesale suppliers, and your friends could recommend places where you can buy gold chains.

Either way, the task is up to you: choose the best jewelry findings. Here are some things you should look at before purchasing gold chains:

Are the Gold Chains Plated or Just Solid Gold?

Gold-plated chains are the best options to choose from when looking for something you can wear every day. They are cheap, but the more you wear them, the plating starts to wear off. When the plating wears off, you have to add another plate. In the long run, replacing the plate will cost you more.

A solid gold chain will give you more service compared to plated gold.

Picking the Karat for Your Gold Chain

When choosing a karat, remember that gold chains with more non-gold alloys are harder and more durable. If you are going to wear your gold chain every day, do not purchase a 22k or 20K gold chain. 14k or 10k gold chains offer more service as they contain more non-gold alloys.

What Other Materials Are in a Low-Karat Gold Chain?

Remember that non-gold alloys are not recommended for you if you are allergic to nickel. If your chain has low gold alloys, it contains more metal. The metal in these chains is nickel. If you are allergic to metal, choose a 14k to 22k gold chain to avoid these reactions.

Ensure the Clasp of the Gold Chain is Durable

You do not want to buy a 14k gold chain with a fragile clasp. When settling for expensive things, make sure you always choose quality. You should pick a gold chain with a lobster clasp. It will not break even when you pull on it hard when opening it.

Do not settle for spring clasps when buying a 14k gold chain.

Our Guide On Buying 14k Gold Chains from Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

When you buy more gold chains for your business at wholesale prices, your business makes a lot of profit. A wholesale jewelry supplier can help you with these, but there are certain tips you need to know before looking for one.

Here is a guide you can follow while buying 14k gold chains from wholesale jewelry supplies:

Guide #1: Know Your Target Customers

Researching jewelry findings helps you know your market base. You need to interact with your customers and find out what kind of 14k gold chains they prefer.

This will help you stock only first moving goods, and your jewelry business will be able to meet its daily expenses from the money earned daily.

Guide #2: Come Up With An Inventory for Your Stock

If you have done your market research well, it should be pretty easy for you to create a stock inventory that meets all the demands of your customers.

Guide #3: Look for a Suitable Wholesale Jewelry Supplier

A reliable supplier can contribute to the success of your business. An example is that you have a bunch of customers asking for 14k gold chains, and you are out of stock of the item. This reduces the profit you can earn in a day.

A stock-out means that your wholesale jewelry supplier cannot meet your demands. When looking for a supplier, you need to consider the following:

  • The reliability of your suppliers.
  • Compare different prices between different supplies and ensure your supplier offers affordable prices.
  • Ensure they offer quality 14k jewelry supplies
  • Make sure they can always meet your stocking needs.

Guide #4: Check the Quality of the Products Offered

This is important when dealing with 14k gold chains to ensure that if your customers want solid gold, that is what you offer them. Your responsibility is to ensure that your supplier is not shipping counterfeit jewelry. When you check the description of your stock intake, you will solve this. Take note of the country of origin, the weight, material, and size of the 14k gold chains the wholesale suppliers offer.

You can also research your jewelry manufacturer.

On occasions when the same supplier has been bringing your orders, it is very hard for you to find counterfeit gold chains. Much caution is needed when you are dealing with a different supplier who you know nothing about.

Guide #5: Order Less for the First Time

If you are only starting and do not have much information about the supplier, make a small order. If you place a large order and find out the gold chains are of poor quality, you will suffer huge losses for the first time.

If you order from reputable suppliers, you need to take caution because, by the end of the day, your business will take huge losses.

Guide #6: Work to Increase your Demand

When you order more from your wholesale supplier, you get discounts. When you purchase more than 14k gold chains, you make huge profits. Always order a standard quantity; do not take too little or too much. 

When you order more, you are likely to have overstocked items, and you will not be able to bring in trendy jewelry if your shop is still loaded. When you order fewer items, you will incur huge costs per item. Maintaining that balance helps your business grow.

Guide #7: Order More During the Off-Peak Seasons

Your customers are likely to buy 14k gold chains during the holiday season. On occasions like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, your demand will be high. Have enough gold chains in your shop before these festivals.

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