Jewelry Findings Frequently Asked Questions

Jewelry-making can be complex and complicated, and you need to know several things to produce valuable and attractive pieces. People have plenty of questions regarding jewelry findings, including how to use them. FAQ pages help business owners answer questions regarding their industry on their websites.

At Crown Findings, we understand the importance of providing valuable information to our clients about jewelry findings. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from our customers around the country.

What Are Jewelry Findings?

Jewelry findings” are the parts that are used to make a piece of jewelry. They are the building blocks. It was coined during the early ages of jewelry making when experts found small metal scraps around their workshops and added them to their pieces. Jewelry findings are small pieces made from a broad range of materials forged into various shapes, sizes, styles, and connectors.

What Are the Types of Jewelry Findings?

Findings are small parts that form the building blocks of jewelry making, helping you bring your pieces together. Crown Findings manufactures several quality findings suitable for all kinds of jewelry. We offer several categories of 14K, 18K, gold, sterling silver, copper, and platinum findings.

Some of the common jewelry findings include:

  1. Connectors such as head pins, open jump rings, split rings, eye pins, and closed jump rings.
  2. Endings such as cones, crimp beads, double cup connectors, and end caps.
  3. Earring findings such as the ear clip, fish hook, chandeliers, and ear wire.
  4. Clasps and fasteners such as spring rings, toggle clasps, and lobster clasps.
  5. Bead caps.
  6. Chain or cord extensions.
  7. Spacer beads.
  8. Bead tips.
  9. Wire guardians.

We are proudly one of the leading jewelry findings manufacturers in New York, offering several variations of beads, pins, clasps, and more. You can search and scroll through our website to check the catalog of items available in our store.

How Can I Use Jewelry Findings?

The purpose of jewelry findings is to assemble your jewelry components into one piece. Professional jewelry makers and crafters make or collect gold-filled or old silver to use in their work. Wholesale resellers purchase findings in bulk and sell them to crafters, professionals, and the general public for profit. Crown Findings offers a vast selection of high-quality jewelry findings you can use to create jewelry piece designs.

 A jump ring, a headpin, or a split ring can be a great addition to your beading kit. Cord ends in round and barrel shapes can aid in the addition of metal fixings to ribbon and cord jewelry.

Can I Order Jewelry Findings Online?

Visit our site and sign up for a free wholesale partner account to see our prices and place orders online. You will acquire access to more of our features and place an online order.

Can I Get a Bulk Order Discount?

We recommend purchasing in bulk to enable you to save money through our quantity discounts that include:

  1. 6-piece discount: 5%.
  2. 72-piece discount: 10%.
  3. 250-piece discount: 15%.

The discounts do not apply to certain items.

Can You Ship My Order?

We ship our products internationally through FedEx or UPS. We also provide free shipping on online orders exceeding $100 in the tri-state area. You can communicate with us via our email, orders@crownfindings.com, if you want to ship using your label.

Can I Return an Item?

We have a 30-day return policy on all items except mill products and special orders. You should return the item within 30 days of shopping, accompanied by the item’s invoice. You also have to make sure that the item is new and in the same condition it was when you bought it.

Can I Pay Using My Credit Card?

You can pay with any major credit card, including American Express, VISA, Mastercard, and Discover, at no minimum charge. We also accept payment through Apple Pay.

What Are the Dimensions of the Items I Want?

You can check the item’s description on our online shop or call us for individual merchandise details such as dimensions or measurements.

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