Different Types Of Jewelry-Making Findings

Different Types Of Jewelry-Making Findings

Findings like headpins, jump rings, and clasps are some of the things that jewelry designers use to turn beads into jewelry. These precious metals join parts of handcrafted jewelry together for the professional look jewelry buyers desire.

The components have a hole or an attachment loop, and they usually come in a range of categories, sizes, shapes, and weights. You can let your creativity flow by using jewelry findings that come in sterling silver, gold, copper, and antiquated metals to create different looks.

With findings of gold, silver, stainless steel, and other bright metals, you can create a sleek and shiny look. As for a modern-vintage appeal, antiquated findings come in handy. This article will discuss the common jewelry-making findings available for your jewelry-making business.

Bead Caps

These tiny jewelry findings are important in jewelry making. Jewelry designers use the components to make a definite statement. You can use simple or high-end bead caps to adorn the beads in style. The brass coating protects the findings from wear. Bead caps can also help you finish multi-strand projects.


Crimp tubes are important in fastening the clasps to necklaces and strung bracelets. You can flatten traditional crimps, but you risk letting the wire slide out. Because of this, you should use a crimping wire to close a crimp and follow the right flattening and folding steps.

A "tornado crimp" is a term used to refer to a twisted tube that also helps secure the jewelry-making wire. However, it does not need a special tool. These little jewelry findings will help you accent beads in any jewelry piece.

Earrings Wires

You can find these jewelry findings near you at wholesale prices. They come in a variety of shapes, including kidney wires, hoops, ear threaders, leverbacks, and french hooks. They are also available in a range of metals.

When selecting earring wires, make sure they are comfortable and durable. If you have a metal allergy, consider the following ear wires, as they do not cause an allergic reaction;

  • Argentium Silver
  • Niobium
  • Titanium
  • Nylon
  • Teflon

Jump Ring

Open and closed jump rings are important jewelry findings. Closed jump rings come soldered for a strong closure, while open jump rings allow you to attach charms to a chain or clasps to beading wire.

These findings can help you complete the look of bracelets that have a beading wire. It is important to note that jump rings for common categories of jewelry differ in size from those of chain maille weaves.


These jewelry findings transform beads and flatbed components into necklace pendants. You can make more kinds of jewelry without having to solder if you use bails. Bails can come in several metal tones, especially sterling silver, brass, gold, and copper.

Folding donut bails attach to gemstones, and you can join them into a necklace. A bell cap can transform any charm into a pendant or drop earring.

Jewelry Making Findings

Headpins and Eye Pins

Learning how to use headpins and eye pins for jewelry making is a skill that could help you achieve flawless designs. Wondering how to use headpins and eye pins? You can form loops that keep beads in place. Headpins are wires with flattened ends that help secure beads onto the wire.

Headpins come in several metals and alloys for any jewelry design you want. These jewelry findings are very useful in creating earrings that include beads. Eyepins, on the other hand, are useful in creating bead links and also help bring your jewelry pieces to life.

Jewelry Finding Pins

If you are working with larger beads, you can get headpins and eye pins in any way you want.

Buttons and  Cabochons

These tiny gems make an impeccable focal point for any jewelry-making project. You can use these jewelry findings to satisfy your bead embroidery needs, as they also come with excellent accents. They offer a delightful selection that helps jewelry designers accomplish their custom appeal.

You can use your creativity to the fullest by making clasps out of buttons and cabochons.

Bezel and Bead Frames

Bezel and bead frames are important for emphasizing the style of your jewelry designs. You can secure beads in the middle of bead frames to achieve a unique look with your jewelry-making project. Fill bezels with cabochons and epoxy clay for a custom style.

Jewelry Finding Bezel


You can use these jewelry findings as the focal point of your jewelry design. Jewelry creators use tassels to complete the look of their necklaces and bracelets. Jewelry-finding stores have a variety of tassels, including chain and soft leather, for your jewelry-making projects.

Chain Extenders and Tags

Achieve quality jewelry finishes with chain extenders and tags. These jewelry findings are excellent components for jewelry makers who intend to make adjustable jewelry pieces. If you don't have jump rings, you can use chain tags at the end of your jewelry-making design.

Crystal Components

Crystal components will help you add brilliance to your jewelry-making design. If you wish to adorn your jewelry, you can choose from Rivolis to Chatons. Whether you want to achieve an accent of glitter in your design or wish to use these jewelry findings as the focal point of your creation, crystal settings will come in handy.

Bead Aligners and Bead Bars

Use these jewelry findings to exhibit your large-hole beads. These findings help jewelry makers dangle large-hole beads. If you have components that are too big to work with headpins, use bead bars to create unique dangles.

Bead aligners will work well in any of your jewelry-making designs.

Rose Montee Beads

Rose Montee beads have crystal rhinestones that are see-through. Jewelry designers use these jewelry findings to embellish wire jewelry or bead-woven jewelry-making projects. When you add these jewelry findings to your bead-weaving projects, you should use a strong beading thread.

You can use them to add sparkle to any of your designs.

Clasps and Closures

Jewelry Making Clasp

Clasps and closures come in different varieties, from lobster claws to magnetic clasps, shorteners, and safety clasps. These jewelry findings can help you embellish your necklace or bracelet. When selecting a jewelry clasp for your jewelry-making project, ensure it is the right weight.

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