Jewelry Care Guidelines: Choosing & Taking Care of Your Jewelry Findings

Keeping up with jewelry trends and being able to wear the pieces you want, when you want them, can be challenging. Depending on what type of jewelry suits your personal style, you might find it easier to purchase one kind over another.

However, finding affordable and accessible jewelry findings can be a little more difficult. So many people struggle with the process of choosing which findings they need for their designs and how to take care of them.

If you’re new to working with jewelry findings or just need a few pointers on what you should look for when purchasing them and how to care for them, this article has everything you need to know.

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What Are Jewelry Findings?

Jewelry findings are the small jewelry parts that make up your jewelry. They include earring hooks, spacer bars, sturdy clasps, or other jewelry parts such as pins and safety chains to keep necklaces from becoming lost. The findings are essential to new designs and repairs alike.

These small pieces frequently need to be replaced over time, so caring for them is critical if you want your jewelry to last a long time. Jewelry designers usually use a variety of findings in their creations, including:

Setting Materials

These are used to create a secure place for stones or other pieces in your jewelry. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common is the bezel setting. Other examples include wire settings, basket settings, prong settings, and loops.

Clasps and Connectors

These components include necklaces, bracelet clasps, earring hooks, or belt buckles. If you want to add an extension chain or pendant to a necklace you already own, you might need more clasps.

Pendants and Stones

Jewelry Finding Pendant

These items can serve as charms, chains, or accents for any jewelry. Take care not to wear heavy metals like gold, silver, or platinum next to delicate gems like pearls because they will eventually scratch them and ruin their shine! Make sure there is enough space between each stone so that they can stay together.

Cords and Chains

Jewelry Finding Chains

A great way to put the finishing touch on your work is with cords and chains. Use a cord if you want a thicker look, especially if you plan on using it as a choker or braided bracelet. For more delicate cords, use thin chains instead.

When using cords, always leave room at both ends so that it doesn’t rip off when it gets caught on something or someone tries to take it off you.

Always check that your clasp is closed tightly before you put it on. Chain bracelets can easily slip out of place, so check often to ensure the clip isn’t open or coming undone.

How to Select the Right Jewelry Findings

Selecting the correct jewelry findings is essential to starting a jewelry business. It can often be daunting with all the different styles, shapes, and sizes. Once you know what you need, a few things can help guide your decision process.

Here are some quick tips for choosing jewelry findings:


You might think that size doesn’t matter when selecting a bead or connector for your next piece, but it does. The size should always match the item it will be paired with. For example, if you’re making a necklace, ensure the clasp matches up well with any other pendant beads on your chain and any jump rings used to attach them.


When deciding on the finish of your findings, consider how they will be worn, as this may affect their lifespan and surface quality. Make sure your findings are sturdy enough to withstand use and light enough so they don’t add weight to delicate necklaces or earrings.


Select the shape that will best complement your jewelry design. For example, square connectors go great with geometric designs, while round findings work best with curves.


Before you buy findings like clasps, spacers, ear wires, and more, think about how important the color is to you. These pieces often cost more than simple charms or beads because while they are small, they require patience and skill to make them right.


If you want to emphasize texture, findings like coils and corded styles are perfect. Pick something smooth or shiny if the texture is less crucial to your project.


Do you want your jewelry findings made out of sterling silver, gold-plated brass, or gold? Most gold-plated items cost more than sterling silver items because they don’t have as much gold in them.

How to Take Care of Your Jewelry Findings

To take care of your findings, you must keep them clean and store them properly. Follow these guidelines to ensure your jewelry findings last as long as possible.

Cleaning Your Findings

Cleaning your findings should be done with mild soap and water before storing them away. You can also use alcohol or rubbing alcohol if the item is prone to tarnish or rust. Avoid using anything that contains bleach on silver and gold items because it will remove their natural color.

If you have more delicate findings, such as pearls or opals, they may require cleaning to remove any grime that builds up on their surface. Check the instructions for your specific jewelry cleaner to see what it recommends for delicate pieces.

Storing Your Findings

Storing your findings is crucial to keeping them looking good and working well over time. It’s best to invest in a convenient place like boxes, bags, or options explicitly made for this purpose.

Some of these products are lined with acid-free materials, which prevent tarnishing and corrosion from taking place. In contrast, others come with individual compartments, so you don’t lose minor findings like earring posts when trying to find larger ones.

Whatever type of storage option you choose, make sure it’s compact enough so it doesn’t take up too much space but still has room for all your findings.

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