The Various Types of Gold Jewelry Finding Clasps

Ornaments such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets have become a societal norm. Gold, silver, and copper dominate the market with a spree of ornaments that customers full support. Jewelry requires many components before it can finally be placed on the market.

It is not just about the stone, design, or metal; small items like the clasps are also a huge factor to consider when making jewelry. They may be tiny, but they make a statement that customers seem to notice. Before we get into gold jewelry, it is important to understand what jewelry findings are.

Jewelry Findings for Your Design

If you own an ornament, ring, earrings, pendant, bracelet, etc., you may have noticed the small clasps that hold the jewelry together. These small parts, such as clasps, links, or rings, are the pieces that hold jewelry together. They are called jewelry findings.

In other words, “jewelry finding” is a term used to describe the small components of a jewelry piece. They include clasps, earrings, crimps, and metal beads, among many others. They have different sizes, forms, and designs and depend highly on the jewelry piece and its price.

In this blog, we are going to be taking a look at gold jewelry findings.

Gold Jewelry Findings Clasps

As explained above, findings are the small components that hold the jewelry together; hence, gold findings would be findings that are gold and hold the gold pieces together. Several gold findings depend on the karat. Some examples of 14k gold findings are 14k bead separators, 14k IDs for necklaces and bracelets, 14k coin mountings, and 14k endings.

It is important to note that the right type and kind of clasp makes the product stand out and gives you customer satisfaction. There are several gold metals used in jewelry. They include elemental metals with 24k gold, alloyed gold metals with 10k yellow, 14k white, and 18k rose gold, and layered gold-filled gold metals with gold-plated vermeil.

We shall now look at various categories of gold findings and clasps.

Chain Link Clasps

Chain-link clasps are known as enhancers, shorteners, or hinged closures. They are used for different purposes. They can shorten a link at the end of the necklace by gathering long links and clasping them. They help lock the necklace with a hinged clasp, and lastly, they can also help add or remove any charms from a piece.

Hook Clasps

As the name suggests, the hook clasps hold the piece together. It is also referred to as a fishhook clasp. It is a small clasp that usually goes at the end of a necklace or bracelet. It has a hook and a round or oval case. It gives a good look to necklaces and bracelets that are lightweight.

Bulk Spring Rings

As the name suggests, bulk springs are ring-like clasps often used on lightweight jewelry. They are loaded when pressure is applied to the latch or when the piece is connected with a charm. Bulk spring rings go way back to the early 1900s and have been the mainstay connection for necklaces and bracelets for years.

While bulk springs hold lightweight jewelry, large and heavy spring rings are called bolt rings.

Safety Clasps

Safety clasps are more stable and safe than hook clasps because they have a hook and a stopper that make the grip tighter. The safety clasps have many variations, including box, pearl, filigree, etc. This type of clasp is more expensive than the ones we explored in this article because of the lock safety mechanism.

They’re used with higher-end jewelry items for decorative purposes.

Tube Clasps

Tube clasps prevent the jewelry from slipping from one side to the other. They are mostly used with a piece that has more than one strand. They are two hollow tubes with rings soldered to each of the tubes. They are also known for their good grip on the piece.

Magnetic Clasps

These are the easiest clasps to use, as they operate on the magnetic field. They usually hook onto each other because the magnets attract and hold on to each other. They are usually heavy on one side, which mostly offers the magnetic field.\

Magnetic clasps are usually good and functional, keeping the jewelry secure without compromising the look and feel of the piece.

They are most often known to be on medium-weight jewelry pieces. Other types of clasps for necklaces and bracelets include ball chain connectors and barrel cord ends.

Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

If you’re a businessman looking into jewelry making, getting your items wholesale will make better business sense for obvious reasons: you save more.

However, how and where do you go? It is important to sort your jewelry findings by metal color, size, and design depending on what type of jewelry you’ll be making.

So how do you identify what you need? Here are a few factors and tips to consider when picking the right gold clasps.

  • Metal Color– This is very important as it lets you know the elements, size, and color of the jewelry will be.
  • Type of Jewelry – As discussed above, different types of jewelry require different clasps. Magnetic clasps, for example, can support medium-weight necklaces because of their lock mechanism; however, the fishhook works best with light chains and necklaces.
  • Size – The jewelry size determines the size of the clasps so they don’t stand out and look off. Small clasps go well with delicate chains, while bigger ones go with heavier jewelry.
  • Model– Depending on the piece, pick a comfortable clasps piece that can support the jewelry piece. Comfort is very important as it goes hand in hand with handling the jewelry.

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