Crown Findings: Your One-Stop-Shop for Wholesale Jewelry Findings

Locating a dependable wholesale jewelry shop that offers high-quality jewelry findings at fair prices is very vital for a small business owner selling jewelry or a jewelry designer, especially if your customers are dedicated. The main goal of jewelry businesses is to ensure they have enough stock for their clients.

Purchasing jewelry wholesale is beneficial because finding cheaper materials will raise your profit margin. You can also offer competitive prices for your jewelry to your customers. When you become a good jeweler, you will have more time and money to make more pieces in different varieties.

Types of Jewelry Findings

There are many different jewelry findings and unique components created by jewelry makers. They are put into two categories;

Earring findings: They are used to link the earring to your ear. The different types of findings have different looks and will fit differently, like a cuff will keep the earrings closer to the ear and french-hooked wire will let them hold for a while.

Bracelet findings: These are pieces used to attach the two ends of a bracelet, and they have their own finishes. Clasps join bracelets with hook and cuff ends and are commonly used in material bracelet work and leather. Necklace findings include pearl clasps, lobster clasps, and bayonet clasps.

As the owner of a jewelry business, you need a reliable supplier to partner with you. You can use the following guide:

Research the Whole Wholesale Landscape

To get wholesale jewelry supply deals or when you are looking for jewelry materials, you should conduct thorough research on the wholesale companies selling the jewelry pieces that you are interested in. As you do your research, you should;

  • Compare prices for different items and talk to their sales team
  • Inquire about the minimum order quantity
  • Check if they have discounts for big orders
  • Ask about the ongoing loyalty programs and promotions
  • Check the reliability of the wholesalers by going through their online reviews, and you will know their trustworthiness.

Tips for researching before you start your jewelry business include;

  • Check out Google Trends and fashion styles to learn about trending products in the industry
  • Checking out forums and social media to get the latest trends and conducting surveys on what kind of products people like.
  • You can analyze the social media profiles, blogs, and websites of your competitors to see what they are doing and how you can improve your brand.

Find the Right Jewelry Supplier

You can now look for a wholesale supplier once you’ve decided on the type of jewelry to sell and your budget. Use the list below to help you find a reputable supplier and ensure you order your jewelry from the right place.

1. Low Minimum Order Quantity

You can try different pieces at once if you have a low minimum order quantity (MOQ). For starters, it is a must when purchasing jewelry to sell.

2. Order Processing Time

Certain types of jewelry can sell well due to trends and seasons. You can restock products quickly before trends and seasons pass if you have a wholesale jewelry supplier with a quick order processing time.

3. Free Shipping

Many jewelry wholesalers provide free shipping based on the quantities you order. Buying jewelry wholesale is more affordable, and you do not have to pay shipping fees.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the wholesaler has low shipping costs or that shipping is free before the purchase; this will save costs and increase your profit.

4. Volume Discounts

You can save money if you get a volume discount by buying jewelry wholesale. When you buy in bulk, you can get additional bonuses or discounts from your wholesaler. Volume discounts will reduce costs and add to your profit margins.

5. Research & Discover Your Market Niche

The first thing to do before you start a jewelry business is to research the industry and make a decision on what type of jewelry to sell. This will assist you in determining your target audience and the jewelry to sell. Research the latest trends and get inspiration from other jewelry businesses.

6. Keep Your Budget On Track

As a good entrepreneur, you should keep proper records of the costs of components to accurately price your work. You can track the materials in your store using software programs, or you can keep it simple with a physical count.

Use of Costume Jewelry Findings

Crafted jewelry provides a greater opportunity to incorporate aspects of the wearer’s personality. When you find the right supplier, you can get original materials for any project. The price and quality of the materials you can obtain determine how creative you can be as a costume jewelry maker.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the piece made of?

The sales team will be able to explain if the piece was made locally or by other goldsmiths. They give details on whether the pieces were made by hand or come from a large collection.

Do you have certificates, or do you offer valuations?

A caring and trustworthy jewelry supplier can offer a valuation for different pieces of jewelry you want to buy, so you can get insurance and wear it comfortably. Large diamond designs can have independent certificates that show the quality and grade of the diamond.

Choose Crown Findings Co., Inc. for Quality Jewelry Findings

Crown Findings Co., Inc. has an approach that consists of full service, so the likelihood of getting what you want in our store is very high for different fashion trends. We have a big variety in our store, so you will get value for your money and you will get inspired.

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