Top 7 Reasons to Consider Crown Findings for Wholesale Jewelry Findings

Nothing can bring you more joy than starting a business that succeeds. Every business owner wants to make a lot of profit, keep a steady supply of products at prices that customers can afford, and have happy customers. But this might not be the case without the best supplier.

For a jeweler, jewelry designer, or jewelry store, getting wholesale jewelry findings from a certified supplier at an affordable price can be very tricky. Luckily, Crown Findings Co., Inc. is here to help you with quality jewelry findings at wholesale prices.

Are you a jewelry maker and looking for a high-quality wholesale jewelry supplier? Here are the reasons why you should consider Crown Findings Co., Inc. We have the best metalsmiths who create our jewelry and find products and components.

Reasons to Consider Crown Findings Co.,  for Wholesale Jewelry Findings

No one wants to make blind decisions when money is involved. You always want to know who your prospective working partner is. You need to ensure they are reliable and efficient.

Below are some of the reasons that make us the best choice when looking for quality jewelry findings:

1. Wide Range of Jewelry Findings

Our findings are a sight for sore eyes. Besides their aesthetic beauty, our findings are of high quality. We have contact with the best metalsmiths who create our components. To meet our customer’s needs, these components come in different shapes, designs, colors, and tones. For tones, they can range from sterling silver findings to brass, copper, gold, and other metals.

We have a variety of findings. Some of the jewelry components available for jewelry-making projects include:

  •  Findings of earrings like ear clips, fish hooks, ear wire, chandeliers, and eye pins.
  • Rings of different colors of metal and bezel rings.
  • Charms
  • Pendants such as bails, beads, bezels, facets, and clasps.
  • Bracelets and necklace findings like clasps, cords, jump rings, and others.

Your time is of the essence, and with a wide variety of our jewelry findings under one roof, shopping with us will save you time.

2. Great Discounts

Besides having wholesale pricing, we offer good discounts. We promote wholesale buying as we offer quantity discounts on our products. By buying in bulk, a jewelry maker can get a wide range of jewelry findings, giving them a lot of choices.

Any option that is going to increase your daily profit is worth your while. The discounts we offer you will increase your sales earnings. The discounts we offer are constant for some jewelry findings. Our items are fairly affordable even when we do not offer discounts for some items.

3. Online Shopping

You do not have to visit our shop to buy our products. You can order our product while just sitting on your office or home couch. For more information about our website orders, visit the Crown Findings web page. On the other hand, you can purchase our jewelry findings through our online account.

Our customers sign in to our account to view our jewelry supplies and choose what they desire. We then email the invoice for your supplies. Payment is made through various means, making the process effortless and time-saving.

4. Good Shipping Policies for Your Jewelry Supplies

There are different factors you need to consider to save on costs. Shipping costs can be money-draining. Our minimum shipping order is $25 and can increase depending on customers’ preferences. We also offer free shipping on online orders over $100 in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Everyone needs reliable wholesale jewelry and a reliable supplier. Our supplier will assure you of a constant supply of stock. In our case, we ship your order within 24 hours. If we are out of the stock you ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible. When the stock comes in, we’ll ship it to you as soon as possible, so you don’t have to deal with any trouble.

Due to the volume of orders, we cannot give you a precise delivery date. However, if there is any delay, we will inform you sooner. We carry out international shipping for our products through FedEx or UPS.

5. Customer Service

One of the turndowns in any company is poor customer service. Our customers are our priority. We aim to give you the best services and leave you wanting to come back for more. Our team has the proper training, and they can answer all the questions you have when you visit our offices.

They will provide the best advice on what to get to suit your customer’s demands. Our website also offers a platform where customers can ask questions, and our experts will respond. We gather the commonly asked questions and give answers.

6. Alternate Payment Methods

Payment policies can be inconvenient for your customers. Using one payment method can be a hassle for buyers. We have provided different ways of payment that are hassle-free. Our market has expanded due to convenient means of payment.

We accept various credit cards for payment. You can buy our products with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover, which are all major credit cards. We also accept payments through Apple Pay. Our team can even give you tips on new designs you can use or help you get in touch with good designers.

7. We Are LEGIT

Your business partner should be someone you trust in the jewelry industry since fraud is common. We are one of the best wholesale jewelry findings suppliers in the United States. Our wide market serves local and international wholesale jewelry suppliers.

You can read about our journey to success and our many loyal customers on our about page. Items can be returned within 30 days, but mill products and special orders can’t be returned. When returning an item, ensure that the package has the invoice. The goods should also be in good condition.

Are You a Jewelry Maker and Looking for Wholesale Jewelry Findings? Crown Findings Co., Inc. Is Here For You!

We can help your jewelry business succeed if you are in the business of making jewelry and are looking for a top-rated wholesale jewelry supplier. Crown Findings has wholesale price breaks for our wholesale jewelry supplies.

We have a well-trained team to give the best service possible. Your business will succeed if you partner with us today. You need people there for you, not just for the money.

Our supplier will ensure that your needs are met promptly. Therefore, choosing the best jewelry findings supplier is crucial. To schedule an appointment with us today, call us today or visit our store in New York, USA.